Hmong vintage skirt | 3

Hmong vintage skirt | 3

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Unique one of a kind Hmong skirt 

Has elastic waist and is one size

Handmade in Vietnam 

The story :

Spirit Skirts’ are stunning pieces that can be easily classified as contemporary works of art. Hmong women respect their hemp skirts for their strength and durability. They hang naturally and are considered suitable for life in the mountains. The crisply pleated hemp skirts are a symbol of the Hmong, now recognized all over the world. According to mythology, the hemp "hundred pleats" skirt represents the umbrella carried by one of their goddesses that was used to make the sky. The patterns and unique designs in each 'Spirit skirt' can describe the everyday lives of the Hmong as well as patterns that represent ancient history, wars, migration routes and native territory.