HEERING is a fashion brand created by Camilla Nalu Heering (Former Tales of Rebels) & Nikolai Nalu Heering (HOMME HOMME PARIS, FEMME FEMME PARIS & formerly ROCK N ROLL PEOPLE).

With almost 20 years combined experience as designers, Camilla and Nikolai have had brands in Dubai, Europe & a large fashion store in Los Angeles, CA.

"We design, timeless keepers, with an edge and twist. All styles are designed to be combined in many ways with both previous and future styles, in order to generate greater value for the consumer". 









 Photo left: Camilla Nalu Heering during Paris Fashion WeekPhoto above: Nikolai Nalu Heering in Copenhagen

Photo above: Camilla Nalu Heering, hard at work in Dubai



The HEERING family has a long heritage. The blodline starts way back in 1550 with Gebhard Heering, a citizen of Danzig, from Halbstadt, who in 1550 married Catharina Brandt from Braunschweig.

The blodline first became famous in 1818 when Peter F. Heering founded the world famous liquor HEERING, famous for "The Singapore Sling", and many other drinks.

Tage Heering, father of Nikolai Nalu Heering, born in 1945 had his signature on the Danish money for 14 years up until 2006, where he retired from the National Bank of Denmark

Nikolai Nalu Heering, son of Tage Heering first entered the fashion world in 2009, as president of a Danish luxury furniture company, then as a Scandinavian sales & Marketing Executive for an American jewellery company, before launching his own fashion brand, ROCK 'N' ROLL PEOPLE in 2011. In 2013 Nikolai relocated to first New York City, then Los Angeles, to build on his brand, and open a european fashion store. During the opening of this store, he was introduced to Camilla who lived in Dubai, and had launched the brand "Tales of Rebels" in 2012. In 2015, Nikolai and Camilla joined forces in Los Angeles, and would eventually marry in 2016, in Gentofte, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. 
The couple renamed "Tales of Rebels" into "HEERING", as you know it today.