It’s all about the colors… and the leopaerd. Trademarks of the unique brand Tales of Rebels, created by European designer, Camilla Nalu.

One thing you will find, when exploring the universe of Tales of Rebels, is that you won’t find black. Ever. That’s one of the basic ingredients in the approach when styles are created. “You will only see black if it’s a part of a natural patter or fabric, like for example in the leopard print. I don’t do solid black styles”


That exercise is one of the most admirable qualities from designer Camilla Nalu. Very few designers, worldwide, manages the art of combining colors into the shape of style and luxury, like you will find it in the Tales of Rebels collections.


It’s early 2014 and Camilla has just relocated to Dubai. After styling for years in Europe, Camilla had decided to take a break for a while, but the inspirations from the local Emirati’s, cought her off guard, so she just had to go back into designing. Specifically, it was the traditional abaya, that women wear in the arab part of the world, which caught Camillas attention.

“I wanted to respect the local culture, and be a part of it, but at the same time I wanted to introduce a new and more fashionable twist to the traditional abay. That’s when I introduced the leopard abaya which is our hero product to this day, Camilla explains”. “It was actually meant for the Arab world, so I was pleasantly surprised when it happened to be extremely popular all over the world, as a high-end fashion item”.


From there, Tales of Rebels have been putting out hit after hit, and Camilla has now left Dubai to live in Europe with her husband and partner, Nikolai Nalu, and their family.

“We needed a change of scenery and decided to move back to Europe. In this process I begun to pay more attention to how Tales of Rebels could be bridged with a bit more European colorful fashion, to that way apply to a larger audience without losing our authenticity in regards of the birth of the brand. I think we did that in a very successful, tasteful and honest way so far” Camilla explains.


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