My brand Tales of Rebels was founded in 2014 by me, Camilla Nalu. I have always considered myself very creative and have, for several years, worked as a fashion stylist and have previously gained countless experiences within the luxury market. To me it came naturally to turn my hobby into an actual business . Tales of Rebels was founded in order to offer customers high-end luxury snake leather products. My creative vision is derived from my surroundings and I have experienced that several things are inspiring me in my way of designing the products. Moreover, I have learned to let me be inspired by my loved-ones and the fantastic surroundings here in the UAE. The Arab woman are such an inspiration to look at. I love their way of playing with colors and how they always are dressed up.


I describes Tales of Rebels products as: Cool, funky and luxurious. For me, it is important that the materials are luxury and have high quality. All crocodile and python accessories are produced on an small island close to Bali.
I make entire collections with shoes, phone covers, etc. These products are available for direct purchase through my network. With our more expensive products the purchase process is different. Every bag is only produced when ordered. This means that we have different models, which customers can look at, to get an impression of the size and look of the bag. Once a customer orders a bag, it is being produced. My close relationship to my customers means everything

I enjoy to collaborate with my customers in the creative process: People buy my designs since they can decide the color, size etc. and thereby made their own personal touch.  So far I´m is not selling via a store. Therefore, my main customer base has been established via my precious network. Currently, I´m reaching out to my customers and communicates about my products via Instagram and through Word-of-Mouth.
The next step for Tales of Rebels is an upcoming collection for a store in LA . The collection for the store in L.A is the most exciting collection I have made so far. but also a cap and gloves for a falcon which is our national animal here in Dubai. Tasks like these, are what I believe is funny and amazing . As I'm living in a wealthy country with high standards and where people use a lot of money on accessories, it inspire me to create something that is extravagant and I can play more with the expensive materials.

Furthermore I´m is in the process of making a few high quality cashmere styles again but also some very beautiful abayas with python especially made for the arab women down here in the UAE.  I believe that I have all the options in the world, but needs to stay motivated and like to do it. As soon as it stops being fun for me, I will not continue this business.
Welcome to my world and Tales of Rebels

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